1 May 2011 - Frampton Marsh part 3

I enjoyed my trip to Frampton so much I decided to go again a week later. The light was just as good but this time it was very windy. This limited the opportunities for photography -I couldn't get a shutter speed fast enough to freeze the movement of the bushes let alone the birds!

There was one area where I thought there might be opportunities.The path down to the 360 degree hide has banks either side, with fence posts behind them. Perhaps the bank would shelter the posts from the wind?

It wasn't long before I found a Corn Bunting singing away. Watching it for a while revealed a pattern of movement which involved landing on one of these posts - in fact the one right at the end of the path, just before the bank starts, allowing a close approach. Again the bird was very confiding, particularly as I had to slowly move around it to get in the right position for the light!

I was quite pleased with the results!

Corn Bunting Singing

Corn Bunting Corn Bunting Singing

Corn Bunting Singing

The next image was taken from further along the path. 

Corn Bunting Singing

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As well as the confiding Corn Bunting, a pair of Meadow Pipits were using the posts behind the bank on a regular basis. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get as close to them as I was to the Corn Bunting but I managed a couple of images - maybe I'll make another visit?

Meadow Pipt


Another bird you can frequently see around the reserve is the Skylark - most of the time you see them high in the sky, singing away. But on this visit they were frequently landing on the grass near where I was. They were however very skittish - I couldn't get anywhere near them and quite often didn't see them until they flew off!. However during a visit to the East Hide, right the other side of the reserve, one bird landed in front of the hide - allowing one quick photo!


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