3 days in Northumberland - Common Blue Butterflies

Whilst my main focus during my visit to Northumberland was bird photography, I did branch out a little into insect photography. In fact my first photos of the trip were not birds, but butterflies and moths, taken on the first morning whilst waiting for the weather to turn so we could go to the Farnes. After finding that the boat wasn't leaving until at least lunch time, I travelled a short distance along the coast, parked up and went for a wander around St Aidan's Dunes.

The dull weather can be an advantage for butterfly photography if you can find a specimen whilst it is still cold. Once the sun has heated a butterfly's wings it will fly a lot more readily, and be a lot more difficult to photograph. Whilst I was wandering in the dunes I was lucky enough to find a male Common Blue Butterfly resting in the grass. It stayed still for quite a while, even though the sun was getting warm, allowing a close approach. The added bonus was when it opened its wings.


Common Blue Butterfly (male)

Common Blue Butterfly (male) Common Blue Butterfly (male)























Later in the day, afer I had put my tent up, I visited the dunes near Beadnell Beach. Here I was able to photograph a female Common Blue Butterfly in the rapidly fading light.


Common Blue Butterfly (female)


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