December 2011 - Melton Country Park

My final set of images from 2011 were taken on the main lake at Melton Country Park in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. The weather was very changeable, and the subjects not the most exciting, but I did manage one of two images I was pleased with during an hour when I was let out for good behaviour! 

In and amongst the Mallards and gulls being fed by the locals, were a pair of Shoveler. They kept their distance, not interested in the bread being provided, but occasionally came close enough for a picture. The first two images are of the female, the third the male. In all cases the characteristic bill that gives the bird its name can easily be seen.


Female Shoveler


Female Shoveler


Male Shoveler


The next image of a male Tufted Duck was taken in duller light as clouds rolled across the sky.


Male Tufted Duck


Next, a juvenile Mute Swan, caught in better light when the sun came out again.


Mute Swan


And finally, two images of Black Headed Gulls in winter plumage, one in bright sunlight and one in duller, softer light, as clouds came over again.


Black Headed Gull


Black Headed Gull


More images of ducks, swans and gulls can be found in the respective galleries.


I hope you have enjoyed my images from 2011 as much as I have enjoyed taking them. I am already planning my photographic challenges for 2012..........