August 2011 - Chalk Hill Blue Butterflies

Having been to Barnack Hills & Holes on numerous occasions I was aware that the site was a good place to see Marbled White butterflies. I wasn't sure whether or not I had missed them - their main flight period is July - but I called in one evening on the way home from working in Peterborough.

On arriving at the site I checked the visitor information - sure enough a good site for Marbled Whites - but also for Chalk Hill Blue butterflies. The light was good and above all it was still (humid after a heavy shower). The lack of wind was particularly pleasing as Barnack can be quite a breezy site  - maybe I would get lucky?

It wasn't long before I came across a male Chalk Hill Blue - very excited I photographed it from various angles before I realised it had an antennae missing!! Maybe I wasn't going to be lucky after all.

Fortunately I found a group of Chalk Hill Blues in a different part of the site. As the sun came down I was able to get one or two images of both male and female Chalk Hill Blues.


In the first two sets of images the male is on the left, the female is on the right.

Chalk Hill Blue (male) Chalk Hill Blue (female)






















Chalk Hill Blue (male) Chalk Hill Blue (female)























This final image is a female.

Chalk Hill Blue (female)


Earlier in the evening I also came across some Six Spotted Burnet Moths.


Six Spotted Burnet Moth Six Spotted Burnet Moth























Six Spotted Burnet Moth Six Spotted Burnet Moth


Unfortunately, there were no Marbled Whites at all - maybe next year!!


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