It's always good to have your camera with you!

Wherever possible I always try to carry my camera with me, even when I'm not really planning to take any photos. I still remember the day when, after having my camera with me every day for months, I left it at home because I was going on a seminar with work. I was driving through the next village when I was distracted by something across the road- a sparrowhawk with a starling in its talons! It let me pull along side it whilst it proceeded to drown the struggling starling, over a period of minutes, in a puddle by the side of the road. A once in a lifetime experience but aaaaah - no camera!

There have, however, been a couple of occasions this month when having my camera with me, just in case, has paid off!

There is a site I used to visit regularly in Cambridgeshire where you can get really quite close to rabbits! The key thing is that the rabbits live alongside a road, used regularly by cars and pedestrians but with a speed limit of just 10 miles per hour. I just pull to the side of the road and, with a little patience, using the car as a hide, I have had young rabbits pop their heads out of burrow almost below the wing mirror of my car!  

I had opportunity to visit this site this month in the early evening. One baby rabbit in particular was curious enough to allow me to get a couple of shots! 

Young Rabbit at Burrow

Young Rabbit at Burrow

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The second occasion was again one evening, on the way home from work. I live in a village not from the A1 in Lincolnshire. In recent years I have had the pleasure of seeing Red Kites flying over our village and the surrounding area - but never low enough or near enough to photograph. Imagine my excitement when, not only did a Kite fly low over my car but it stayed close, hanging in the wind on what was quite a blustery evening. Even better, I was able to pull of the road and grab my camera.

Although it was a sunny evening the light was all wrong, meaning the bird went into silhouette more often than not. Unfortunately in my excitement I forgot to check my camera settings and underexposed a few shots for good measure. However, I did manage to get a couple of shots I was reasonably happy with - it's just a shame the bird had a tag in its wing!



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It just goes to show, it pays to have your camera with you at all times!