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Northern Cardinals

June 05, 2017
After a bit of a break I am now posting again. First the final couple of posts from last year' strip to Florida - soon more from the Lake District, and birds from the UK.
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March 22, 2017
Osprey Whilst it was great to see hawks and vultures, the bird of prey I particularly wanted to photograph was the Osprey. Obviously in the UK these birds are quite rare...
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Red Shouldered Hawk & Black Vulture

March 19, 2017
Red Shouldered Hawk & Black Vulture Where I live in south Lincolnshire we are fortunate to see range of birds of prey - from Kestrels and Buzzards, Tawny Owls and Barn O...
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Garden Birds 2017 - part 1

March 17, 2017
Garden Birds 2017 - part 1 Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know that one of my favourite photographic challenges at this time of year is photogra...
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Wood Stork

February 18, 2017
Wood Stork The largest bird we saw at Gatorland rookery, and indeed on our entire trip to Florida, was the Wood Stork. A very large white bird, characterised by a dark n...
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